SPC-LI Training Programs




Available Programs

   The following training programs may be available through the Suicide Prevention Coalition of Long Island as a resource for your organization, school, or business.

     Fill out our "Request a Speaker/Training Form" to have a member of the Coalition's training committee contact you to discuss your needs, and the needs of each of the programs. Someone from the Coalition will respond to your request within a few days.


More Than Sad

 This a program relevant for teachers and other educators as wellas students themselves. It teaches to recognize signs of mental health distressand refer for help


Talk Saves Lives

 This is a 45 minute community based presentation that coversgeneral information about suicide and it’s prevention. Participants will learnabout warning signs and risk factors.



 This 1 to 1.5 hour training discusses suicide as a serious publichealth problem and how personal and community beliefs affect suicide stigma and safety.


Suicide Alertness for Everyone (safeTALK)

 This training is a half day suicide alertness workshop preparinganyone in the community above the age of 15 to become a helper to those who maybe thinking about suicide. No prior training is needed to participate.Individuals will learn to connect people with thoughts to resources in the community




Comprehensive Suicide Risk Assessment (ForProfessionals)

Teaches participants to learn to assess levels of riskcorresponding to the level of intervention-available through in person as wellas online.

Assessment of Suicide Risk Using the C-SSRS

Center for Practice Innovations (CPI):http://practiceinnovations.org/I-want-to-learn-about/Suicide-Prevention/Trainings/Assess(Must register for the CPI Learning Community)

Assessment and Management of Suicide Risk (AMSR)

AMSR is a one-day training workshop for behavioral healthprofessionals. The 6.5-hour training program is based on the latest researchand designed to help participants provide safer suicide care.



Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)

ASIST is a two-day intensive workshop which teaches suicidefirst aid skills for anyone in the community. This training provides specificpractice to help individuals identify those who may be at risk to providesuicide first aid and help the individuals keep themselves safe for now.


Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)-For Youth and Adults:

This full day training helps the participants to learn howto identify, understand and respond to the signs of mental illness, includingsuicide and addictions.


Engaging the Suicidal Mind (Professionals and Community)

The focus of this training is a hands-on approach to engagethe individual with suicidal thoughts to openly discuss their pain and despairas well as for the helpers to know how to approach this conversation. (inperson)

The Family Connections Program

The Family Connections Program is a 12 week program run bythe families of those affected by Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)including self-injury and suicidal behavior (in person and teleconference)


Safety planning (For Professionals & Community)

This training offers a collaborative process to help theindividual with suicidal thoughts to participate in keeping themselves safe anddeveloping concrete safety steps. (In person and online)


Collaborative Safety Planning with Suicidal Individuals

This workshop teaches the process of implementing a SafetyPlan with a suicidal individual.


Creating Suicide Safety in Schools (CSSS )

This a one-day workshop designed for the school basedinterdisciplinary teams. Six broad categories of school based suicide safetyare explored and school staff are assisted and collaborate in developing aframework for suicide safety and prevention for their particular district.

Suicide Safety for Teachers (SST)

This  is an hour longpresentation for teachers and other ancillary school staff with currentknowledge in the field of youth suicide. Large groups can be accommodated withthis presentation.


Making Educators Partners in Suicide Prevention: ACT onFACTS

This is an updated version of the school-based awarenessprogram. ACT on FACTS is a two –hour online interactive training program,designed in a series of modules. It focuses on the critical but limited role ofeducators in suicide prevention.

WWW.sptsuniversity.org  or   WWW.SPTSUSA.ORG

Sources of Strength

A best practice youth suicide prevention project is designedto use the peer social network to change and prevent suicide, bullying andsubstance abuse. This is an upstream approach for youth suicide prevention.


Kognito’s At-Riskfor PK-12 Educators

This is a one-hour simulation for PK-12 educators thatbuilds awareness, knowledge and skills about mental health and suicideprevention and help the participant to prepare to have real conversation aboutsuicide with the students.


Campus Connect

This is a two and a half hour experientially basedgatekeeper training for college/university faculty, staff and students. Using ahighly interactive method participants learn how to interact and assistindividuals who may be at risk for suicide on campuses.



Hazelden’s Lifelines Postvention

This is a manual based training designed for middle schooland high school communities. It focuses on responding to suicide and othertraumatic death.


CONNECT Postvention

This one-day suicide postvention training helps serviceproviders and others in the community develop a suicide response plan, focusingon grief, the ripple effect and prevention of future suicides.


Other Resources

- American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) - WWW.AFSP.ORG

- Bullying and Suicide –https://cdc.gov/violenceprevention/pdf/bullying-suicide-translation-final-a.pdf

- Center for Practice Innovations -http://practiceinnovations.org/

**CPI Learning Modules are accessible to all New York StateOffice of Mental Health employees through the LMS. Click on the registrationlink if have not already set up an account. If users are part of a programlicensed by OMH, OASAS or NYS VA Program they need to apply to access CPI’straining and tools. Individuals who do not fit in one of the above categoriesneed to go through Hazelden Organization to gain access. This access is limitedto predetermined/agreed upon content only.

- Suicide Prevention Center of New York - www.preventsuicideny.org

- National Council for Behavioral Health - WWW.TheNationalCouncil.org

- Suicide Prevention Resource Center - WWW.SPRC.ORG